Best Buy’s goal is to win Black Friday with this 1440p RTX 3070 ASUS gaming laptop

The latest gaming laptops have brought powerful GPU capabilities from Nvidia RTX 30 series chips, but have also begun to introduce higher resolution screens. This value-for-money Asus Zephyrus Black Friday gaming laptop deal offers one of the best Nvidia GPUs and a fast 165Hz 1440p display, with a discount of $300 at Best Buy.

Before that, you have two choices for the resolution of the laptop screen; either you have a direct 1080p display or a 4K panel that consumes resources. Those FHD screens don’t require much GPU, but they don’t look as clear as you would like, especially on Windows desktops. Although 4K panels usually consume a lot of battery power, and require a lot of graphics performance to cope with even the game frame rate of 60 fps.