Best Continuous Game of 2021: Apex Legends

PC Gamer’s Best Sustained Award recognizes an old game that has provided the best updates, new content, and support in the past year. This year we pay tribute to Apex Legends, Respawn’s killer battle royale game.We will update our Best Game Hub of 2021 For the remainder of December, there will be new awards and employee choices every day.

Nat Clayton, feature film producer and space mom: Apex Legends has always been good. But in the first few years, it feels like Respawn is still figuring out how to run the ongoing battle royale. This year, the studio succeeded. Season 9 is the obvious leader. It not only brings us powerful new characters in Valkyrie, but also brings us a brand new arena game mode-an obvious rebirth version of Counter-Strike, and you can immediately enter a fair battle. Arenas proved that Apex has legs beyond the battle royale, and consolidated the game not only as an excellent BR, but also as one of the best team shooters around.