Best Design of 2021: Loop Hero

We think Loop Hero is the best designed game this year-that’s why many of our editors have invested more than 50 hours.For more games of the year, please visit our GOTY 2021 hub.

Evan Lahti, Global Editor: In the process of reviewing it, this powerful small RPG took me 50 hours. Its distillation effect is very good. If Diablo is a delightful 10-gallon ARPG liquid tank, then Loop Hero is a thimble of super concentrated essence. Loop: build level. Fight the enemy (automatic). Equip the loot. repeat. How does the battle feel when your control over it is basically zero? The retro sound design has a lot to do with it, immersing the entire game in the atmosphere of Halloween, and making weapon impact, harpy claws and broken shields feel sharp.