Best Mass Effect Legendary Edition Head Morph Mod (So far)

The Trilogy remaster now has a much better hairstyle, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. For those looking for a better Commander Shepard, here are some of the best Mass Effect Legendary Edition head morph mods available so far.

Mod support is still very limited for consoles other than Bethesda titles such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, so the mods below are for PC players only. Hopefully there will be changes in the future regarding the consideration of studios in the modding community, but until then? That’s the reality. So let’s dive in without any more effort.

There are many others, so let’s start with FemShep.

In the gallery below, the mod order in which the images are provided from left to right. You can find the mod link links in the same order at the bottom of the gallery and download the headmorph mod that suits your taste.

For MaleShep, there are several options, but they will change. The remaster has just been released and more mods are in progress. For now, the same thing: from left to right in the gallery below, the mod order is:

For more information on Mass Effect Mod, you can check out previous articles here in Game Hub. Many mods are already underway, from the mods community bringing back cut content to what Mac Walters and Kevin Meek had to say about future mods, and more mods planned for the future. It has been.