Best of 2021: Another GOTY choice for Resident Evil Village and Stephen

Let me tell you the truth first. I only played a few new games this year. Why do you ask? Because I have always been addicted to Pokemon Go. I finally decided to download and play the evil mobile game in February, and have been playing it almost since then. I finally understand why this game has millions of players, and Niantic Games has made billions of profits from it.

I did play one of the biggest games in a year, Resident Evil Village, Is also one of the most anticipated by nerds like me, Age of Empires 4.

Of the two, Resident Evil Village It is my main choice for the best game of the year. In general, I like Resident Evil games, but I was quite disappointed with the last outing. I’m not saying that Resident Evil 7 is bad, but it’s really not my cup of tea. On the other hand, Village is a damn good game.

I like the storyline, even though it is a bit complicated like most Resident Evil games. The legends behind the Eastern European villages and their inhabitants are well explained, so although a bit puzzling, the story is satisfying.

As for the gameplay, I am very satisfied. After playing Resident Evil 7, I have become accustomed to the changes in the first-person perspective-although I prefer the third-person perspective of this series-I have to admit that it does make the game more intense. This is especially true when fighting werewolves, smaller bosses, and main opponents. When you walk around the creepy village, it will also make you have a sense of fear. When the Dimitrescu castle is hunted by the daughters of Mrs. Dimitrescu, you will have a complete urgency. a feeling of.

I did find that some smaller bosses and minions are a bit easier due to the lack of better terminology, but larger enemies, such as Urias and his sledgehammer and Heisenberg, are a welcome challenge. The battle with our favorite lady vampire was also very challenging because I tried many times to cause enough damage. In intense fighting situations, I sometimes feel tired, so when I try to correctly express my own brand of justice, my goal is a little bit off. But I still prevailed.

There are some things worth noting. I am very happy that Capcom brought the typewriter back as your save option, because I am not a big fan of the recorder in Resident Evil 7. I also like the ability to skip cutscenes, and the inventory management system is similar to that of Resident Evil 4, which is a pretty good management mechanism.

In short, “Resident Evil Village” is being cracked. If you haven’t tried it yet, whether you are a fan of the series or not, you should give it a try. If you don’t like survival horror, you might still like it, because it really focuses more on action than anything else. I personally think it is not as scary as some old games, but it does have a creepy feeling, and there are enough “escape, escape!” moments to make the heart beat.

As I mentioned in the preface, my honor award this year is a real-time strategy game Age of Empires 4.

Since its first release in the summer of 2017, I have been looking forward to playing this game. This is a long wait-four years-and Microsoft, Relic and World’s Edge skipped many industry fairs, which made the wait even more difficult. But we finally took a proper look at it in April of this year before launching in October.

If you haven’t played the Age of Empires game before, your task is basically to choose a civilization to build your own empire, protect it, and “win” the game by finally invading another player’s village and dismissing it. Or, you can build a miracle before other players, depending on whether this is the ultimate goal.

Starting from the Dark Ages, in order to travel through the various ages, you need to explore the world around you to find important resources such as food (sheep and berries), gold, rocks, and wood. Using these resources, you will build buildings, produce villagers, military units, and build your economy through trade. You will do it all while fighting enemy raids and attacks.

I have not been able to play it as I want, because life has been hindering it, but from what I have played so far, I am really digging into French civilization.

Their advantage is that their army is based on the use of gunpowder siege weapons of the knights, and has a good advantage in trade. French businessmen will not only help build your economy, they will also provide great help when you are short of resources.

Calvary charge will bring you extra damage. There are multiple upgrade options for units-some are only suitable for this civilization. The French also have a unique influence system, and the unit cost of archery range and stables is lower. This comes in handy when you are trying to allocate gold for urgent matters. So playing French definitely has its advantages.

So far, I have only played two of the four single-player campaigns: the Hundred Years’ War and the Battle of Norman. But there was also the rise of Moscow and the movement around the Mongol Empire. I might try it during the holidays.

Other things to note are five different difficulty settings that can transform you from a beginner to a full-fledged expert, as well as small-scale conflicts, the ability to create custom levels, the options for completing daily tasks, obtaining achievements, and finally, taking advantage of The mods are slightly changed.

To be honest, I can talk lyrically all day about this is a very good game and explain to you why I like playing French so much, but you really need to try it yourself to understand all my admiration for franchise rights. If you have never played a real-time strategy game before, this is a wonderful series that makes your toes soaked.

If you are just starting to play RTS, I suggest you try this outing or Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition first. Find a few friends to play together, or just make your own game against AI and set up your game to make it easier for you to start conquering your enemy’s path.

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