Best of 2021: Elysium Disco: Final Cut, and Conner’s Other GOTY Picks

I am struggling Bliss Disco: Final Edit As one of the best games of the year, this will be a fair recommendation. However, in my opinion, the experience in the ultimate ZA/UN excellent RPG deserves a place here.

To a large extent, this boils down to the daunting task of having to add voiceovers to the entire cast. I’m not a person who avoids extensive reading, but the charm provided by VO actors does help you fully understand what is happening at any given moment. A special tribute to Mikee W Goodman. After my first clearance, his performance as a large and bizarre character range was particularly attractive to me. It’s not just the guttural voice in the protagonist’s head! I’m talking specifically about an old character in a game that I dare not destroy.

This is a compliment to the already shocking project of ZA/UN. The genius of in-house artists from Kaspar Tamsalu and Aleksander Rostov painted a poor city full of conflict scars and captured the same infamous police detectives who hobbled around it. Particularly worth mentioning is Anton Vill, who drew otherworldly and disturbing thought cabinets for the game.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is a game that will linger in your mind even after you beat it. You wash up at night, wondering “What’s in that storage container?” or “Is there really more force than shooting yourself in the head?” It sticks to you, like PVA glue. Long after you think you have cleaned it up, you will find small scratches under your nails.

It does touch on some heavier topics, but if you are willing to face the occasional and completely intentional discomfort that the game brings to you, I assure you this is a very touching experience. It’s also a bit artistic, so you can talk about it with all your friends, if you like it, it sounds pretty pretentious!

Legend of Runeterra

I remember the first time I picked up the legend of Runeterra, I didn’t think too much. Very good, adapted from the popular League of Legends Destroying Software, but it didn’t really appeal to me. Looking back on the last few months, I found that although I have forgotten this digital card game, it has slowly become one of my favorite vampires.

Obvious additions, such as more cards and seasonal battle passes now, are of course good. But there are also other game modes, such as the new road to champions, which adds a lot of extra content for you to savor. You don’t have to be keen on fighting other players to get something from the Legend of Runeterra.

It is also one of the best online card games in terms of providing you with free content. It is only a matter of time before you can build any deck you want, which allows you to jump back seamlessly without any frustrating seepage and destruction.

Guilty Gear Struggle

This game is one of my favorite games in 2021, because it injects some fun into this type of COVID and lock-in period. Many fighting games, your Tekken and Street Fighter, are affected by rough network codes, which makes playing online very troublesome. Guilty Gear Strive has great network code and is a super fun fighter!

It is a high-damage, fast-paced, super-movie fighter developed by Arc System Works. Even if you are not a villain, it is worth a try, because the barriers to entry are deliberately lowered to have enough depth to grow and become better. It also helps it look gorgeous here, a real Royal Mint-level eye candy.

When I tried to prove that any time I invested in it, it rekindled my enthusiasm for this type. I even went to Ireland to participate in a game last month, where I was killed by a stranger. But losing to strangers and getting drunk is all about this type of game, so thanks to Guilty Gear Strive for letting me do it again.

Primordial shock

As the author of the new live streaming service game of VG247, I would also like to mention that I really had a great time playing MiHoYo’s gashapon nightmare game Genshin Impact! Careful people may have noticed that the name of my character in the screenshot is “Who cares”. That’s because when I picked it up for the first time, I thought Genshin was a crappy game for losers.

Over time, it grew on me. In 2021, with the release of “Lightning” and the dramatic improvement of the game story, I found myself really excited when I was playing the game and browsing all the new content. For those who want to play a really fun party-based action RPG, even now, Genshin is a good choice. Just don’t blow thousands of digital boyfriends, man.

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