Best Racing Game of 2021: Forza Horizon 5

As a series, Forza Motorsport Horizon has been around for some time. After visiting Australia in the third part and the UK in the fourth part, we have known for some time that the latest and fifth items of the long-running racer will take us to the idyllic environment of Mexico. But it didn’t become clear until we mastered the last game. Playground Games has surpassed the limit, creating one of the best-looking new generation games on the market and adding some of the most interesting racing experiences in memory.

A good starter can set the tone for the game, and Forza Horizon 5 determines the landing point both metaphorically and literally. In the cheerful opening sequence, one car after another parachuted from the cargo plane and landed all over Mexico. In just a few minutes, the game showed its great potential, showing everything from muddy off-road races across rivers and jungles to hot street races in supercars that most of us would never drive in real life. .

From there, it’s an uninterrupted thrilling journey of participation and opportunities for progress. Almost every corner of the huge map can be used for new games or other activities. The new main display with a storyline is gradually opening up, but it allows you as a player to choose where to go next, keeping most of the game’s sense of freedom and choice. Smart UI and voice dialogue will guide you to find what you want, but it will not be overwhelming or annoying.

When you drive, production value, graphics and sound are combined into a feast for the senses. The diverse and interesting soundtrack is accompanied by the roar of the engine. When you are near the event center, the smart mixing will transfer the music to the speakers in the festival venue. Smooth water effects, incredibly detailed environments and a strong sense of speed are just some of the visual successes of game management. In such a big game, players must be able to easily browse the menus and other game elements; fortunately, the countless systems used for car customization, event navigation, rewards, and everything else are easy to find and understand.

Although the window decorations are amazing, the real racing car won the highest praise for “Forza Horizon 5”. The game covers a wide variety of car categories and racing styles, combining arcade feeling with just the right sense of reality and real physics, which is exciting and believable in the most exaggerated way. The course is well-designed and requires you to learn how to make corners and how to handle straights. Individual vehicles manage to have their own personality and driving feel. As a player, you begin to understand the way you like and dislike riding.

In summary, Forza Horizon 5 is a very interesting game. It’s easy to get started, but hard to put down. This is a continuous success story of the Playground Games team, proving that they are a group of developers who are capable of finding breadth and depth in the games they create. | Our review