Best Role-Playing Game of 2021: Wildermyth | PC Gamer

Sit around the table and enjoy the epic story of our favorite RPG this year.For more year-end awards, please go to our GOTY 2021 hub. We will update it in the rest of the month.

Robin Valentine, printing editor: I don’t think any video game can more successfully evoke the feeling of desktop RPG. A few hours in Wildermyth is like a super clip of a year-long Dungeons and Dragons exciting event. With the program system as your dungeon master, you will follow the life and adventures of the entire team of heroes, and each hero will grow and develop organically in various unexpected directions. And they are really unexpected-although it is entirely possible for a warrior to find a magic sword and use it to kill a dragon, it is equally possible that they will be cursed and slowly become living crystals, or they may sign a contract with an ancient tree, or Make a witch who turned her head into a crow upset.