Best Sims 4 CC of 2022

No matter how many expansion packs I own, I’ll add exactly the new gear or kitchen cabinets my Sims need in The Sims 4 CC. As a life sim, the options for possible styles and decorations are nearly endless, with fans constantly crafting their own custom content sets to fill in the gaps between the official game packs.

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The Sims CC has a long history, and now that The Sims 4 has been out for the better part of 10 years, there are hundreds of creators and thousands of creations to add to your own game. There are more great CCs out there than I can show, but now I can help you get started with some of my favorite content collections for trendy decor, urban street fashion, vintage hair options, and more. After weeks of hunting, this is the best Sims 4 CC I’ve found.