Bethesda fans are keen to hide the location of the Elder Scrolls 6 with the Starfield E3 trailer

Bethesda is known for hiding things at a glance. Thanks to that little insight, Elder Scrolls 6 applicants are pouring into the details of the recent Starfield trailer unveiled at the Xbox-Bethesda E3 2021 showcase. There are many rumors and fan theories about where The Elder Scrolls 6 will take us, and according to the latest fan theory, previous HammerFall predictions may be more accurate than originally predicted. ..

Before proceeding, it’s important to remember that this is “just” fan speculation. E3 is a celebration of games and new announcements, and sometimes that excitement stimulates the theorizing part of community collectives. It’s all fun and unofficial, but it’s worth exploring for those who itchy to talk about what they’re most expecting in the next iteration of the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Let’s dive into the latest fan theory so that it doesn’t get in the way. In the Starfield trailer, the November 11, 2022 release date will be seen as part of the video event. But like most Bethesda videos, fans are confident that there’s more to it than you can see. That is, when you look at a part of the map that the characters in the scene are pointing to.It didn’t take long Reddit The notion that there are all sorts of similarities and that part of the map actually points to HammerFall seems to be getting a lot of attention in the Elder Scrolls fandom.

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Comparison of Starfield’s trailer shots and Tamriel’s map

The original post asks the entire Elder Scrolls community if this could be an Easter egg. The general consensus seems to be High Rock. Specifically, Iliac Bay sandwiched between High Rock and Hammer Fell. Kicker? In The Elder Scrolls, this area is also known as Starfall Bay. The plot becomes thicker.

One of the biggest theories that has been popular since the first teaser in 2018 is that the next game is set up simply by turning off the little teaser in the first teaser video with a title. That said, it makes sense to focus on the many undiscovered areas north of Morrowind and also known for its rocky environment. Combined with how successful the Morrowind extension was in The Elder Scrolls Online, it’s not easy to see that this is at least part of the focus of Elder Scrolls 6.

We’re going to ignore Black Marsh, I still can’t take the rumor seriously, but maybe it’s just me.

The image above is a bit blurry, but it’s a more sophisticated version with increased contrast below. If you squint one eye and close the other, it looks exactly the same. That said, it’s not an exact replica that many comments seem to think so. Does it inevitably downplay theory? No, but it’s also important to realize that it’s not a difficult confirmation.

The fact of the matter is this: there is nothing concrete at this time. Bethesda makes it very clear that Starfield is the studio’s main focus and Elder Scrolls 6 is still a few years away. It’s not harmful to have a good theory of nature that praises our love for the series and makes us crazy.

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So what do you think? Do you think this is an Easter egg or are you thirsty for news? Listen to your thoughts in the comments section below!