Better Ubisoft pushes for more tangible reforms

Workers’ rights groups Better Ubisoft Yes promote After the management made the “guarantee”, the publishers made a firmer commitment to workplace reform, and they would do better.

In a statement issued by the organization, A Better Ubisoft claimed that the publisher did not just acknowledge the things that needed to be changed. “In the 16 months since Ubisoft was forced to take limited action after making a public post on Twitter, you are talking about the’strategic roadmap for HR transformation’. You are’preparing to launch,’ but you didn’t give a delivery timeline. There is also no hint that these changes will be,” the statement read.

A Better Ubisoft also recommends that employees need to hear their voices directly and provide them with “a place”: “You suggest that you relaunch our global employee satisfaction program to let us sit at the table and investigate, but the survey is not at the table. Side. You emphasize the need to listen to all employees, but unfortunately, when a few employees come from underrepresented backgrounds, their needs and concerns may be masked by less likely people to face harassment, discrimination, or abuse.” The organization also wants Ubisoft to stop promoting abusers and transfer them between studios to cover up their abuse.

Most importantly, this statement is based on the common sentiment that hopes to stop all forms of abuse: “We want you to agree that no abuse should be tolerated, and we victims, journalists and witnesses should be respected and listened to. Never been As a matter of concern to a few people.”

Since the blockbuster investigation into the misconduct of several Ubisoft employees in 2020, there have been promises that it will do a better job in preventing the company from abusing its power. But it seems that in terms of their progress on this issue, better Ubisoft wants publishers to make tangible progress.