Biohazard Village has shipped 5 million units, and the sales speed has exceeded that of Biohazard 7

It feels like yesterday we heard that Resident Evil Village reached the 4.5 million sales mark, and now Capcom announced that the game has shipped more than 5 million units since its launch in May.

Capcom Already announced That Resident Evil Village Since our last update from the publisher, we have sold another 500,000 units, pushing the total sales (digital and physical) of horror games to more than 5 million.

The publisher also knows why this game is so popular. “In addition to providing a sense of scale beyond its predecessor and a narrative beyond the horror game type, this game is also praised for its higher action and broader and more engaging gameplay,” the statement said.

Village’s sales are faster than Resident Evil 7, and it is the best Steam release ever for Resident Evil games, and due to the promise of more PvP content in Resident Evil Re:Verse and the hastily added single-player DLC continue to promote sales.

The release of Capcom also pointed out that “Resident Evil 7” has now reached an impressive 10 million unit sales mark, thereby maintaining its status as the best-selling game in the series (for now). However, Village is likely to be a competitor, especially when it starts selling and releasing more content for alternative horror games.

Capcom’s ears are all music: “Resident Evil” as a series has now far surpassed 100 million points of sale-and thanks to various Netflix projects and more mainstream adjacent content, it is starting to become more popular , These figures will only expand even more.

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