Biomutant Toilet Puzzle | Where to Find All Flash Stools

Laurel Aitken
May 27, 2021 15:25 GMT

Stuck in the bathroom?Let’s help with this useful thing Biomutant toilet puzzle guide.

There are several puzzles to decipher with Biomutant, including one that includes lavvy. Before you go around the U-bend, you need to understand the tips to complete it. Toilet puzzle.

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please do not worry. We have your back (sides).

Biomutant: Location of flash stools

There is 5 toilet puzzles You won’t get stuck trying to solve endless puzzles to find and complete with Biomutant. Thanks to this guide, you won’t get a lot of annoyance about trying to find them.

Toilet puzzles can be found at:

  • Brick Town – After defeating Moke, turn left and climb the stairs until you see the doorway on your right. Go through the building until you have a wooden staircase and a bathroom on your left.
  • Suburbs – Find a destroyed house in the northeast of the town.
  • Road sign – Place the cow marquee outside and head into the restaurant.
  • Clearway – There is another cow marquee outside the building east of the H-Two-O Outpost. Head to the store to find another bathroom.
  • Airfield – Complete the Lobo quest line before flying to Fluckle, west of the Kluppy Dunes area. You need to use a cron fist to break the wall and enter the bathroom.

Biomutant: How to Solve Toilet Puzzles

All Biomutant puzzles follow a similar theme in that they are rotation-based.You can check us Rotating puzzle Guide here for better ideas.

To complete the toilet puzzle Flash stool – Looks like a big water pipe – in the right order. Thankfully, you’re operating a small wheel, as opposed to a poop that is color-coded with white and orange dots or lines.

Make sure you know the colors at the beginning and end of the puzzle. Must be on either side of the starting line or the point. The line consists of three segments, so if the pattern starts and ends with a lightly colored line, it counts as one segment.

To complete the toilet puzzle, just change the color and make a pattern. See the example above.

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