“BioShock 2” is one of the boldest sequels ever


(Image source: Future)

This article first appeared in “PC Player” Magazine 361 was released in September 2021 as part of our “reinstall” series.Every month we load a beloved classicAnd understand whether it fits the feeling of our modern games.

When “BioShock 2” was released in 2010, it was only three years since we were soaked in the deep waters of Rapture. I remember feeling that the submarine dystopia was still relatively new in my mind at the time, and there was almost no desire to come back. However, this sequel that no one really wanted became confident, smart and imaginative, matching the quality of the original, and in some ways better than the original. This is the story of a big dad with the theme Delta, looking for his little sister in Rapture’s dilapidated, leaky corridor, and banging his head with Sofi a Lamb, the psychiatrist turned into a cult leader who betrayed him.

Rapture’s performance in BioShock was terrible, but ten years later it was in a worse state of disrepair. The entire area of ​​the Andrew Ryan Pride Monument is now completely submerged in the cold Atlantic water. The once luxurious banquet halls, bars and department stores were damp and rotten, full of barnacles. It vividly depicts the battle between a place and nature, as well as an efficient environment. Ecstasy can still be recognized, but darker, darker, and more desperate.