BioShock fan film makes living in Rapture seem like a pretty bad time

Our bodies may exist to provide a bridge between our consciousness and the physical world, but I think they were truly meant for a higher purpose: giving environment artists something to evocatively pose around videogame levels. I’m talking corpses holding books, corpses embracing other corpses (looking at you, Fallout), and, the peak of the art form: corpses with accompanying audio logs.

Irrational Games’ BioShock is a true legend in the dead bodies and audio logs field, and this short film by Solano Pictures presents a take on one of those memorable vignettes. It tells the backstory behind Timmy H.who you encounter early on in the first BioShock as a charred corpse with a recording of his final moments. Bioshock presents Timmy as having been a smuggler working for Frank Fontaine. Andrew Ryan’s chief of security, Sullivan, tortured poor Tim to death two years prior to the events of the game.