Bioware GM discusses studio status, including rebuilding its reputation, new remote recruiting plans

Bioware general manager Gary McKay posted a blog post discussing the state of the studio as it heads into 2022. This post provides some insights into the company’s development and cultural goals moving forward, as well as a brief update on its upcoming projects.

You can read the full post here, but one of the biggest takeaways is Bioware’s admission of previous missteps and its mission to regain fandom. McKay said: “When I took on the role of general manager, I talked about rebuilding our reputation, which remains a top priority. We are focused on rebuilding the trust of our fans and our community, and we plan to build on our best-known genres by offering them The highest quality to do this.” McKay touted the positive reception of Mass Effect Legends Edition, which hits Xbox Game Pass via EA Play today, as a huge boost to the team’s morale, and Target Bioware hopes its future games will success.

Dragon Age 4

Like almost all studios, working during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major challenge for Bioware. However, McKay said the team has learned valuable lessons from the adjustment and will shift its work structure to a more flexible mix of remote and in-office workers. To that end, McKay announced that the studio will begin recruiting new employees from across North America without requiring them to move to offices in Edmonton, Canada or Austin, Texas. “Our goal is to focus on the things that everyone loves working from home, while also giving people the opportunity to come back to the office with more flexibility,” McKay said

On the gaming front, the studio is gearing up to release a new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Legacy of the Sith, on February 15. McKay also gave some lip service to the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but only reiterated that the development team is still hard at work. For Dragon Age in particular, McKay reiterated the team’s commitment to creating “a single-player experience based on important choices.” Last month, Bioware said it plans to learn more about Dragon Age 4 sometime this year. Another interesting tidbit is that McKay teased that its Mass Effect poster for N7 last November teased five surprises pointing to the franchise’s future.

It’s great to see Bioware adopt more flexible hiring and work policies, and the success of Mass Effect Legendary Edition has had a positive impact on the morale of the studio. The studio seems to be in a healthier position overall, so hopefully it will continue to push the ship forward.

[Source: Bioware]