Bioware GM looks back on 2021 and ‘rebuilding our reputation’ with the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect games

Bioware general manager Gary McKay has written about the studio’s 2021 experiences in a post called State of Bioware and Looking Ahead. It was not a year that began well for the developer, with publisher EA deciding to unceremoniously can Anthem at the start of the year—a decision that was arguably the right one, yet also a blow to the reputation of a developer that has rarely misfired so badly.

Things would improve, however, with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in May. While this was always something of a banker, Bioware treated the games with the care they deserved (as the GTA remasters would show later in the year, this shouldn’t be taken for granted) and the reception was uniformly positive. In turn this saw anticipation for the future of the series (and Dragon Age) gaining momentum, fed by various teases and hints of what’s to come.