BioWare shared a preview image, saying “Mass Effect will continue”

November 7 is N7, and the Mass Effect community gathers to celebrate the series. In the past few years, BioWare has been involved in varying degrees. Last year, we used this opportunity to announce the Legend of Mass Effect and confirmed that a new Mass Effect is under development.This year is a relatively low-key event on the official side. BioWare is probably immersed in the development of “Dragon Age 4”, although it did share one Trailer image Announcing that “Mass Effect will continue.”

The picture shows a team of four characters leaving the shuttle and walking from above to a crater resembling a tassel face. Observing one of these four people up close was Klogan, and they were walking towards Jies, who might be buried in the ground. Is it the legion? I believe fans will pick out the details in the coming days and see if it contains other hints about the next mass effect.

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