Black Friday PC Cooler Offer: Get EK-AIO Basic for only $82.44

Buying the best CPU cooler may not be the sexiest way to spend this Black Friday, but it is still very important. Just like high-quality PSUs, the best AIO coolers for CPUs won’t give you much benefit in terms of extra frames, but they are extremely important for building a solid PC that can actually work.Speaking of the best processor money can buy, EK-AIO Basic 240 is in our opinion Discount to US$82.44.

If you haven’t heard of EK, then you just need to know that it focuses on Just work. No extra or excessive RGB. Most of the time, anyway. Some of its liquid cooling circuit components are a bit redundant, but still elegant. As an RGB phobia, it certainly appealed to me until I realized that the most important thing was that when I came to my new PC version, my AIO naturally matched my Corsair keyboard and mouse.