Black Friday PlayStation 5 deals-what will happen in 2021

So PlayStation 5 has been launched for nearly a year. According to the reviewers of VG247, it is a game console that is well worth paying for the “new generation pleasure”. Its ever-expanding library of exclusive resources, such as “Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade” and “Ratchet and Clank: Rift” also added reasons to snap up during Black Friday.

Considering that PlayStation 5 is a newly released game console, pre-orders and inventory have been sold out, so there will be almost no Black Friday discounts in 2020. Unfortunately, this may still be the case for Black Friday in 2021, as Sony predicts that the shortage will continue into 2022. However, this does not mean that the company will not work hard to promote PS5 bundles, games and accessories.

This is the current list of Black Friday PlayStation 5 deals.

The latest PS5 offers

Most retailers have not revealed their PlayStation 5 bundles. In the weeks leading up to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, more content will eventually appear. Sellers may offer their own Black Friday PS5 bundles instead of discounted standalone game consoles.

Although we cannot guarantee a specific retailer, we would like to see some good PS5 bundles:

In the U.S:

in England:

You can also bookmark our PS5 replenishment guide to get regular updates on available PS5 replenishments and related transactions throughout the year.

U.S. PS5 host discount:

    We will update you when we launch more Black Friday PS5 console deals in the United States.

UK PS5 hosting offers:

US PS5 game offers

UK PS5 game offers

Many other PS5 games released later this year, such as “Call of Duty Pioneer”, “Skyrim: Anniversary Edition” and “Battlefield 2042”. As information becomes available, we will add more games to these lists. stay tuned!

Will PS5 be available this Christmas?

Hard to say. Since its launch, the next-generation game consoles have been experiencing extensive inventory problems, and they have been in and out of inventory throughout the year, so the demand is very high, and this situation is unlikely to change. Once they are available, you must get them quickly, and you can stay up to date by checking our latest PS5 inventory guide.

With the way the console has been taken off the shelf, we are sure that Sony hopes to launch more products as soon as possible.We will notify you when this happens, if you want the latest bargains, please give Jelly attracted attention on Twitter.