Black Friday PS4 controller deals: the best deals on Sony PlayStation 4 controllers

Although Black Friday offers discounts for games, consoles, monitors and other large items, smaller accessories are also easy to discount.

Since many games are still being launched on PlayStation 4—especially when the supply of new consoles is still limited—it’s worth enjoying everything that consoles offer. This may also mean replacing your controller that starts to show its age. Or, better yet, buy an additional controller and let someone join your virtual adventure. And don’t forget to add any charging dock you need to make your controller full of energy and ready.

In the UK, if you are looking for an official controller, Amazon’s RRP is available for a £10 discount. By using the same excellent high-quality third-party controller, you can save even more!

In the United States, Best Buy has five official controllers available for purchase in different colors, and you are almost certain that these will become rare soon.

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