Blade Runner desktop RPG will let players hunt clones in Los Angeles

The “Blade Runner” series is becoming a tabletop role-playing game, and Free League Publishing is responsible for making it a reality. It is expected that the first in a series of new products will be launched in 2022. The announcement was released on Thursday.

“Blade Runner” desktop role-playing game will allow players to play the role of Replicant Blade Runners, they are stubborn detectives hunting down artificial humans.this Core rules This book will help game masters create a storyline in and around Los Angeles in 2037, in the original movie starring Harrison Ford and Blade Runner 2049.

“It is important for us to fully capture the experience and themes of Blade Runner from all angles-even the city,” game director Tomas Härenstam said at the press conference. “One of the most fascinating characters in “Blade Runner” is Los Angeles itself. We hope that Los Angeles will take different actions and reactions based on your personality, talents and agenda. However, no matter what you are, you will always be a Blade Runner first— —The ultimate outsider must walk alone in a complex city and system. Everyone may become a threat, with no choice, no compromise or consequences.”

Picture: Free League Publishing

The lead author of the new TTRPG is Joe LeFavi, CEO of Genuine Entertainment. This brand management company played a central role in unlocking multiple licenses for the desktop, including Dune, Alien, and Altered Carbon.His work in the brand management company directly led to the re-release of the 1979 strategy game Frank Herbert’s Dunes, Direwolf Digital Dunes: Empire,as well as Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition video games.

“People are easily fascinated by the neon spectacle that smokes noodles and emits shock waves, but “Blade Runner” is a transformed world with many levels. Essentially, it has always been such a fascinating movie for me. A memorable and touching human drama,” LeFavi said in a press release. “In classic black fashion, it is never afraid to challenge ordinary people to make extraordinary choices and sacrifices, and it really penetrates into that dark and delicious moral gray. This is why “Blade Runner” continues to be so obvious to popular culture. The impact of —— not only because of its iconic vision for the future, but also because of its theme and the pursuit and persistence of human beings at the core of science fiction.”

The Liberty Alliance has recently achieved an incredible winning streak, and its Alien, Tales From the Loop and Symbaroum desktop RPG franchises have won multiple industry awards. The collaboration with licensees Alcon Entertainment and Alcon Television Group has opened up a huge new opportunity for the Swedish company. Also in preparation is the second edition of The One Ring, another TRPG based on the work of JRR Tolkien, which is expected to be released to Kickstarter supporters before the end of this year.