Blade Runner Enhanced is a disaster, not a remake

When I got my first 4K TV, the first movie to grace the lovely new screen was Blade Runner 2049. It’s worth watching at any resolution, but I had high expectations – and they were brutally trampled right looks like horrible. Cheap and artificial, like I’m watching on the fringes of budget dramas. I think maybe I just have to get used to it and my eyes will get used to it eventually. It does look great when nothing is moving. I’m lying to myself.

After a bit of self-deception, I awoke for a while and finally checked the settings, and of course I found that I had become the latest victim of motion smoothing. The villain who decides to have it enabled by default must hate movies and all who watch them. But the moment I turned it off, I had a nice TV that I could enjoy the way Ryan Gosling should have enjoyed it—with a slightly slower frame rate.