Blizzard Boss has attracted a lot of fans hate heat for the raid promotion

Over the weekend, Blizzard’s co-CEO Mike Ybarra tweeted the “Heroic SoD [Sanctum of Domination] “Sales Run” he will participate with his guild. For non-Warcraft players, this is a fairly harmless invitation to watch, but the reference of “Sales Run” is actually a proposal to let other unqualified players pass the high-end Raid exchange for in-game gold coins, this practice is called “raid Boosting”.

What needs to be clear is that Raid Boosting does not violate the rules of World of Warcraft, and is actually a relatively common practice. The concept is simple: I, a new (or just bad) World of Warcraft player, wants fashionable loot, but I don’t have the realistic hope of getting it myself, so I threw a bunch of games at you, the veteran (and) The gold coins are good) WoW players, guide me to complete the most difficult raid in the game. Even if I die all the way, I will almost certainly die, but I will still get the reward I deserve at the end.

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