Blizzard cancels BlizzCon 2022 to focus on existing projects

BlizzCon 2022 was originally scheduled to be held in February in a digital format called BlizzConline, but it has been cancelled. According to the announcement on Tuesday From Blizzard Entertainment. There is no rescheduled date, but the developers intend to “reshape” the Blizzard Carnival during this period.

The content of the statement is as follows:

Any BlizzCon event needs each of us to achieve. This is the effort of the entire company. We are eager to share what we have created with the community we care about. Currently, we believe that the energy required to host such a show is best used to support our team and advance the development of our games and experiences.

In addition, we also want to take the time to reimagine what the future BlizzCon event will look like. The first Blizzard Carnival was held 16 years ago, and a lot has changed since then-most notably, players and communities can come together in many ways and feel that they are part of a larger thing. No matter what the future event looks like, we also need to make sure it is as safe, enthusiastic and inclusive as possible. We are committed to continuous communication with our players, and we believe that Blizzard Carnival will play an important role in the future. When we revisit it in the future, we are excited about how we will deal with the incident.

Although Blizzard Carnival will not be held in February, Blizzard will issue an announcement for its game. Diablo 4 with Overwatch 2 Still under development, there is currently no release date for these two games.Blizzard also maintains real-time service games, such as World of Warcraft, And we may hear more about current updates (such as Patch 9.2) Shadow Realm expansion.

Activision Blizzard faces a wide range of accusations that it maintains a toxic work environment that is particularly hostile to women. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) conducted a two-year investigation of the company before filing the lawsuit, and found that women were paid lower wages and were sexually harassed, and did not impose meaningful punishment on the perpetrators. Since filing the lawsuit in late July, DFEH has expanded the scope of its complaint to include allegations that Activision Blizzard “suppressed” evidence during its investigation. The company denied this statement. Activision Blizzard is currently facing multiple lawsuits and investigations by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. One of the lawsuits filed by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was settled for US$18 million earlier this year.

In the months following the initial lawsuit, more than 40 Activision Blizzard employees received disciplinary action.Also after this, Blizzard honored the rename Overwatch The role formerly known as McRae: He is now Col Cassidy.

The company’s employees also continue to speak out on social media and elsewhere to encourage substantial change. You can read more about the allegations against Activision Blizzard in Polygon’s explainer.