Blizzard explains the server problem of Diablo II: Resurrection

More than 20 years ago, Diablo II took the world by storm, but only a few weeks ago, Blizzard Entertainment launched a remake and expansion of the game, Diablo II: Resurrection. Although the game itself is widely popular in critics and business, it has won 80/100 in the game Meta critic, Fans are frustrated by the large number of server issues in the online experience.Blizzard Entertainment’s community manager Adam Fletcher has since released a Forum posts Explain why the problem occurred and the studio’s active plan to solve the problem.

The post itself provides an extremely detailed, technical and transparent explanation of what happened. There is no single reasoning or reason behind the problem, but the most important thing is that the unexpectedly large number of player traffic after the release caused multiple server overloads. This not only caused a lot of outages, but unfortunately, it also meant that some player character data was lost in the regional to global database transfer. Diablo II: Resurrection uses many of the same legacy code as the original game in 2001. Although optimized for modern times, one of the legacy services cannot keep up with the underestimated number of game server creations.

Blizzard is working hard to provide updates, by adding features such as rate limiting and login queue creation to provide a more direct solution, thereby greatly improving the user’s online experience. In the long term, plans are being made to decompose the “key functional parts” into their own independent services to help solve the server load and allow Blizzard to “consider scaling up.” [their] Game management services. “

Diablo II: Resurrection is now available on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

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