Blizzard removes pro-Russian war emblem from Overwatch Zarya skin

Overwatch Anniversary Remix (opens in new tab) The event kicked off yesterday, and in-game rewards include a selection of fan-favorite skins. But users on Reddit and Blizzard forums were quick to notice that at least a few of them had been subtly changed: the previous “Z” on Zarya Arctic (opens in new tab) and siberian front (opens in new tab) The skin no longer exists.

The Z is obviously the Zarya monogram, but it has recently gained notoriety as a symbol used by the Russian forces that invaded Ukraine. The letter doesn’t actually exist in the Cyrillic alphabet, leading to speculation that it was an English abbreviation for the Russian word “Western”, or a phrase meaning “victory.” Either way, it was also adopted by parts of the Russian public as a symbol of their support for the war.

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