Blood Origin: The first trailer of the Witcher Prequel series released

Follow-up release That wizard In season 2 of Netflix, the subscription streaming company released the first trailer for its upcoming prequel to the show. Wizard: Bloodborne.

As Netflix previously announced, this prequel show takes place in the same world as Henry Cavill’s “Geralt of Rivia” “Witcher Land”, but it focuses more on On the side of the elves. In the trailer, there are a large number of Scian played by Michelle Yeoh, as well as the new faces of √Člle played by Sophia Brown and Eredin played by Jacob Collins-Levy. This is just an experience of the people we will see in the six episode prequels that will be released sometime in 2022.

“Witness to the unknown history of this continent Wizard: Bloodborne, A new prequel series, set in the world of elves 1200 years before the wizarding events,” tweet Read from the official account of the wizard. “That wizard Prequel series Blood source When the worlds of monsters, humans, and elves collide, we will delve into the events that led to the key’sphere union’. ”

As you can see in the trailer, there is no Geralt in this series. However, as Netflix pointed out, Blood source It’s about the union of spheres, which paved the way for Geralt’s story on the mainland 1200 years later.

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