Bloodborne’s PlayStation 1 demake gets a new trailer, release date

After several months of developer Lilith Walther Share updates on Twitter, And many years Intermittent redevelopment, The long-awaited remake of PlayStation 1 Blood source finally come.

Walter Launch trailer And release date Blood PSX On Halloween, show off its creepy retro atmosphere to everyone. The game will be released on PC on January 31, 2022 and is free to everyone. Blood PSX Contains only the first area of ​​Bloodborne and ends after the second demoake version of the original game The boss fights, Father Gascoigne. However, Walther said players can explore some bonus areas. Walther will also release the source code a few months after the release.

The trailer is Blood PSX Showcasing a large number of weapons, enemies and areas in FromSoftware’s popular PlayStation 4, all of which have been remade in the PlayStation 1 way.Everything is in line with the aesthetic of the original PlayStation-even the parry R1 indicator floats above the enemy’s head, spinning like a pickup Metal Gear Solid.

Players may never get Bloodborne Curse 2 or Blood source On the PC, but Blood PSX Just before FromSoftware’s next heading, Eldon Ring, Launched in February 2022.