BloodNet makes cyberpunk more dystopian by adding vampires

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Corbett Wrote Crapshoot, a column about craps to make random and obscure games reappear. This week, do you know what they say that technology destroys your soul? puff. Compared with the old-style curse method, it is at best a level of amateurs.

Even by the standards of cyberpunk, BloodNet might make it worse: games. You are Ransom Stark. His life is to tell people his name and know that they are thinking “What a bastard”. You look like a moisturizer found on two faces. You are a freelancer and the economy hasn’t improved over the years. The future of the Internet, which seems to be trapped in the hell of Internet alleys and Internet murderers, is not enough to deal with Internet transactions. You are now a vampire.

Then things really started to suck. There is more than one way. This is a clever reference to the whole vampire thing. Sorry if this is too subtle. You see, as a vampire, you drink blood. Moreover, the current situation is unwelcome, which means…oh, you get the idea. (Vampires like to suck their necks.)

Sometimes there are other things, the hem. Like Strepsils.

Every era has embarrassing obsessions. In the 90s, many of them involved the word “network”. The future will be dark, rainy, and miserable-to make matters worse, the lawn mower will get a sequel. If you want to do something for yourself, you have three real choices: become a fugitive robot, become a fugitive robot hunter, or engage in the business of selling umbrellas and neon tubes.What little escape there will be virtual, and May run at 8 frames per second.