BloodRayne 1 and 2 remakes will be available on consoles next month

In November last year, Ziggurat Interactive released an enhanced remake of the 2000s action game BloodRayne 1 and 2 on PC. A year later, these ports finally entered the game console.

Both games are called BloodRayne: ReVamped and BloodRayne 2: ReVamped. Don’t remake the game from scratch. Instead, they are beautiful versions of the most popular and popular games made to run on modern hardware. Although they retain the same visual effects, each title supports 4K resolution (up to 3840×2160), with upgraded cinematic effects, and improved lighting and effects such as reflections and fog. Although the gameplay remains the same, ReVamped is more suitable for fans who want to enjoy the game while remembering the game, without having to plug in an old console to enjoy the game.

BloodRayne: Revision

The ReVamped game will be launched on November 18th and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. This is a digital version, but Limited Run Games will release limited physical versions of PS4 and Switch versions. There is no news about the price, but the PC version called Terminal Cuts costs $14.99 each, so I hope ReVamped will do the same.

With this year’s remake of the 2011 BloodRayne: Betrayal, the entire series will soon be available on modern platforms. We can only hope that this strategy points to Ziggurat Interactive, which acquired BloodRayne IP in 2020 and is preparing to open a new entry in the long-dormant franchise. Or maybe we just get another Uvi Boll movie. I’m sorry to impose this sin on us.