“Bloody Coast” is an interactive battle royale movie to be released in November

Battle Royale is all the rage in shooting games, and it has now invaded the FMV space. Get to know the Blood Coast, this is an upcoming interactive movie produced by the creators of The Complex, allowing players to control the story of the colorful combatants surviving in the television deathmatch.

You control an old actor named Nick who participated in the latest season of Kill/Stream. This savage and popular reality show takes place on the island, which is a battlefield where death battles between various characters from entertainers to prisoners are staged. Winning the game will receive a generous cash prize, which may be the answer to all of Nick’s financial and personal dilemmas.

Winning is easier said than done, because you have to last longer than 50 combatants competing for the same prize. Survival means having to form an alliance with some of these killers (may or not), but who do you work with and who will kill? It’s up to you, and your choice will create branch paths that lead to multiple endings. The clearance takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete, and the blood coast has 8 hours of footage.

Of course, Bloodshore is definitely tacky, but if you are a fan of FMV or just want to enjoy a new way to absorb stupid action movies, you can play on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

FMV games are usually acquired, so I would like to know if Bloodshore is suitable for anyone. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!