Bloomberg: “At least 11 companies have Nintendo tools to make 4K Switch games”

It was easy to find rumors of a Switch model with 4K resolution graphics earlier this year. However, when the Nintendo Switch OLED model was finally exposed, these rumors quickly disappeared. In other words, even if the OLED model has been announced, you may not want to put those Switch 4K rumors on hold.

Bloomberg reported that “The employees of 11 game companies stated that their teams have Nintendo’s Switch 4K development kits. These companies are spread all over the world, from large publishers to small studios, including at least one that has never made a console game before. Zynga Inc., according to employees, requested anonymity because they do not have the right to discuss their projects publicly.” Not only that, according to Bloomberg News, these companies have had 4K developer kits since July.

In fact, Bloomberg found that “a system capable of handling 4K games is not expected to be released until the end of next year at the earliest, people familiar with the matter said.” Moreover, according to their sources, the reason why the 4K function has not yet been implemented is “a shortage of components, which is a far-reaching problem caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

As for Nintendo’s response, Bloomberg revealed that “Nintendo said in response to a series of questions that Bloomberg’s report was “inaccurate” and refused to specify which parts of the information it refers to.” Therefore, it seems that the Switch model that can handle 4K games is still possible after all.