Bloomberg: Sega is planning a reboot of Crazy Taxi and Jet Radio for Super Games

Bloomberg It was reported this morning that Sega is currently rebooting two classic Dreamcast games in what would be a big-budget reboot. It’s all part of the company’s Super Game plan, the news publication said. The reboot was to allow the then Japanese company to develop recurring revenue streams and build an online community around its software portfolio. The Bloomberg report mentioned that Sega is chasing global hits like Fortnite, so these games can be played for free through in-game microtransactions and will be a live service.

The new Crazy Taxi has been in development for more than a year, and the Tokyo-based entertainment conglomerate aims to release it within two to three years, people familiar with the matter said. They did not want to be named as the information has not been made public. A year ago, in Sega’s annual report, it was named along with Jet Set Radio as a list of intellectual property assets that Sega hopes to recapitalize by updating them. Both new games are in the early stages of creation and could still be cancelled, the people said.