Bomb Rush Cyberfunk shows off its fashion moves in a new trailer

The upcoming Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a Jet Set Radio inspired game launched by the maker of Lethal League and is all about style. With this in mind, what could be cooler than playing a bunch of disgusting tricks on a new soundtrack? There are not many trailers based on this latest.

Although the video does not update players when the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will drop, it does provide a glimpse of some cool actions you can achieve. Whether you are wandering the city on skates, bicycles, or skateboards, performing a stylish combination of railroad grinding and nailing is not only fun but also vital to progress. The key to the game is to mark enough places with your graffiti and deceive other staff to gain enough reputation to challenge their territorial control. Mastering traversal is also important for reaching hidden areas of the city that may contain secrets.

If this modern tribute makes you want to play it, the developer Team Reptile promised in the description of the video that it will be “difficult” for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to get out of the door this year. The game is expected to land on Switch and PC.

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