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What is it? A Sokoban puzzle game where you can burn items into boxes in a voxel-style forest climb.
Expect to pay 20 USD/15.49 GBP
Developer: Corey Martin
Publisher: Draknick and friends
Comment time: Windows 10, Intel Core i5-8300H, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1050
multiplayer game? Do not
Association: Official website

As I was sitting on the snow at the summit of Campfire Peak, I was thinking about the last part of my journey: failing to complete the game. I have been exploring such a tricky puzzle, and I want to pack it all and move it to the woods, but it ends here. No matter what the protagonist seeks to end by burning all his property, he will not succeed, nor will I.

The setup is simple. Our unnamed protagonist has left to go to the woods to burn his property. Your job is to push, drop, or slide his crates full of things into the fire. In this voxel world of block y, you can only turn forward, backward or in place. The crate (or any square) you hold will also swing as you turn, so space is key. Early puzzles simply set how to navigate you, using as much space as possible for each puzzle.

With the development of Bonfire Peaks, it introduced new elements-longer bricks, a conveyor belt like a stream, and the Indiana Jones-style pressure trap in it. Unlike the smooth start of the game, the introduction of these more complex puzzle elements can feel destructive.

(Image source: Draknick)

For example, for long bricks, I met them for the first time as a bridge in the main world. So in the next puzzle, I build on this idea and try to build a bridge between myself and my box. It was not fully achieved, so I tried repeatedly-trying different versions of the same idea. Every time I failed, until I finally realized that I needed these bricks to push the crate.