Boomerang X brings gamepad control closer to mouse aiming than ever

Special report

(Image source: Future)

This article first appeared in PC Gamers Magazine Issue 361, September 2021. Every month we launch exclusive features to explore the world of PC gaming-from behind-the-scenes previews to incredible community stories to fascinating interviews and more.

Boomerang X is an arena shooting game and should not be run on a gamepad. You can throw a mysterious bladed boomerang as if it were an extension of your body, drag its wide arc through multiple enemies, recall it at any time, and even magnetize yourself to its current location. This is a game where you can’t stop moving. You successfully danced in the air, waved your camera, and leaped over to poke six slime monsters from the opposite side of the map. Mouse aiming is almost necessary.

Even if I have decades of experience using a trustworthy mouse and keyboard, I find it very demanding. Therefore, in order to bring Boomerang X to as many people as possible, Dang’s team! Turned to an emerging, experimental gamepad control scheme, as a means to keep the action as pure as possible, without aiming assistance or strange joystick acceleration to eliminate wind. Boomerang X is the first commercial game to use Flick Stick. Flick Stick is a gyroscope-based solution that makes the dual simulation method feel obsolete.