Borderlands spin-off and Marvel XCOM unveiled at E3-rumors

It seems that the potential lineup of 2K Games’ E3 2021 has been leaked.

This is the E3 season. In short, leaks and forged rumors are often hard to miss and distinguish.This is from Reddit and is probably the following list 2K games‘E3 reveals some interesting surprises.

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Reddit users Swine fluClaims to have obtained this information from a trusted source, shares a list of unpublished projects at 2K Games, and says publishers will announce it at E3 next week. Almost every item on the list can be a big issue in itself, but the biggest one should be a Borderlands spin-off.

It is called WonderlandAccording to Leak, or perhaps Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The leak didn’t share much of the details of the game itself, but only kept the Borderlands multi-class hero setting.

2K Games had previously confirmed that a new franchise for Borderlands developer Gearbox would be released by April 2022.

In fact, as Swine_flu_greg pointed out, the two trademarks are Wonderland And Little Tina’s Wonderland It goes without saying that Gearbox will give a presentation on June 12th.

The leak also lists the following Firaxis projects: This is an XCOM spin-off with Marvel’s hero.Again, there isn’t enough detail about this Marvel XCOM, It’s just that a famous actor may be playing that character, but it’s not clear if it mentions an actor in the MCU.

The last big announcement Codename boltThe new early-development action game suggested by Leaker is from Mafia developer Hangar 13. It has a supernatural element of “the encounter between Cthulhu and Saints Row”.

We usually don’t report unfounded Reddit rumors, but there are some truths to these claims. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier suggested on Twitter: The information is trueHowever, Follow-up tweets In response to a VGC report on the same leak, Schreier hesitated to say that all the games it contained would be revealed in E3.