Both of these tactical shooters will be free to play on Steam this weekend

Sheriff Sayed
May 21, 2021 15:39 GMT

If you want to fight tactically, you have two shooters to play on your PC this weekend instead of one.

There’s this little coincidence, thanks to the indie tactical shooter for joining us for free for two weeks. Beyond the Wire hosts a free weekend on Steam, and an open beta of Nine to Five is also available.

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Beyond the wire Is Redstone Interactive’s massive WW1 shooter, which joined Early Access in October and recently received a free update with new factions, new maps, and a variety of new weapons. Beyond the battle of 100 players on Wire, we try to recreate the brutality of World War I. This represents the claustrophobia of fighting in trenches and the fear of crossing open terrain.

This horrifying recreation isn’t without gameplay tweaks to make it fun to play, but it emphasizes reliability.The game is now Play for free on Steam Until Monday, May 24 Pacific Standard Time 10am, Eastern Standard Time 1pm, UK 6pm.. It is also sold at 35% off during the same period.

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Nine to five It’s a game I’ve covered so far, and it’s a game with a completely different way of thinking about tactical shooters. To set up the game, three teams of three players work on their respective agendas. The match is played in three phases, and the decisions made in each phase directly affect the setup of subsequent phases and may determine the outcome.

Most tactical shooters focus on gun play and weapon control, but Nine to Five instead wants smarter play and solid tactics to dominate the game. This is done through a series of ever-changing objectives that require more strategies and plans than single-contract shooting skills.

Developer Redhill Games has made significant changes since the game’s closed beta. Before and after the video above, it looks like a whole new game.The game isn’t out yet, so you have to Request access to beta on Steam, But you should be invited soon. You should try it by Monday, May 24th.

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