Brandon Sanderson, author of the Mistborn and Stormlight Archive series, says he is developing a video game

Brandon Sanderson, the famous writer behind the fantasy series Mistborn and Stormlight Archive series, revealed that he is developing a video game.

This news comes from the most recent Blog post He published an article titled “The State of Sanderson in 2021”, which is the same as the author’s previous “State” post, detailing his career experience. He mentioned feature films, TV series, etc., but he also quickly revealed that he has been developing a game for a while, and we may see it soon.

“I have been developing a video game for many years, and I doubt it will be released this year,” Sanderson wrote. “Then start guessing.”

Sanderson’s post contained a note saying that the game was not based on one of his attributes, but new content built by him and the team working with the project. He also said that people would recognize the company that developed the game, but he jokingly stated that “it may not be the one you think of now” and it is not “the other one.”

This is what Sanderson thinks about this game. Sanderson’s entry into the field of video games is an enjoyment for the author’s fans, and he has very little other experience in games. In 2011, he wrote a novella e-book for the Epic Games Infinity Blade series called “Infinity Blade: Awakening”. (Editor’s note: He also wrote some novels for Magic: The Gathering.-JC) However, as the author pointed out, this game will not be based on one of his own series. Those who insist on playing Mistborn RPG will have Continue their waiting.

Maybe this development will go so smoothly that Sanderson decides to give the green light to a certain Mistborn game. Although it is not a complete game, technically, you can experience Mistborn in the form of a game through Fortnite. Fortnite recently sold skins based on Kelsier.Be sure to check out Sanderson’s entire “Status” post More information about what the author is doing.

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