Break into, survive and transform an alien world in a free demo of The Planet Crafter

The independent survival game The Planet Crafter looks like a new fix for those who like games like Subnautica, requiring you to survive in an alien world, explore, build a base, and finally terraform it. When you do this, you will explore the ruins of previous colonization attempts on this planet to find important resources and figure out what went wrong before getting there.

Planet Crafter is produced by the independent studio Miju Games and will be released on Steam in the first quarter of 2022.

I like the idea of ​​changing the earth from hostile to livable. You can now try its basic gameplay through a free demo, Planet Artisan: Prologue, This is on Steam.

(Image source: Miju Games)

The prologue itself is very basic and does not allow you to build a complete biosphere with trees and so on. But there are many things you can do: water, grass, etc. are available for you to use, and there are many fragmentary basic buildings, such as screens, beds, and so on. There are also some ingenious weather effects: meteor showers hit the surface, and dangerous sandstorms blow by.