Bright Memory: Infinite gets the PC release date-but there is no news about the Xbox release

If you are a fan of incredibly fast and passionate first-person shooters, Bright memory, There is no doubt that you have been paying close attention to any relevant news Bright memory: unlimited.

As early as September, we got news that the first-person shooter Bright Memory Infinite, created by independent developer FYQD Studio, will be launched on Xbox Series S/X sometime this year. As we work towards 2022, there is still no news about the release date of the game console-but at least we already know the PC version.

According to the new trailer above, Bright Memory Infinite will land on PC through Steam and GOG November 11There is still no news about the Xbox version of the game, but they seem to be still in development, so you can still expect the game to land on the Xbox Series X/S at some point-we just don’t know when.

In some cases: Bright Memory Infinite was originally planned as the next episode of Bright Memory, but later developed into a reimagined full version that included everything the developers wanted to make further.

The game is very popular with action fans. They like the opportunity to get close to the enemy and “use guns, blades and special abilities to change time and gravity, kill mythological beasts and futuristic soldiers in a cruel way, and in the game Carrying out a dazzling combination process”. It’s a bit like Devil May Cry meets Doom 2016

Anyone who owns Bright Memory on Steam will get unlimited for free. The game is so popular that it has received incredible reviews on the Valve storefront.

You can check out Bright Memory Steam page At the link.