British thief jailed for stealing a car worth 180,000 pounds with a “game boy”

The Leeds Criminal Court sentenced three car thieves to jail for stealing a car using a device designed to look like a Nintendo game console. All pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to steal. The gang successfully stolen five Mitsubishi Outlander cars valued at approximately £180,000 using handheld devices.

West Yorkshire Police estimated that the device itself was worth about £20,000, and Tell BBC It can unlock and start the car “in a few seconds”. The device seems to work by “mirroring” the short-range frequency of a specific remote control key: tricking the car into thinking that the device is the key itself. Marcus Hutchins (Marcus Hutchins) is a bit like a poacher in the cybercrime industry turning into a game manager. In the video below, he explains what the thief’s device is doing. Spoiler: This is very cunning.


Reply to @ancspace They usually use amplification + relay attacks to expand the scope of the key instead of cloning the key #hacking #tech #security

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