British voice actor Christopher Ayres of the Dragon Ball Z series Frieza dies

Christopher Ayres, the voice actor behind the English dubbing of “Dragon Ball Z Kai” and the iconic villain Frieza, has passed away.

His partner Krystal LaPorte (Krystal LaPorte) in Twitter On October 19, it was said that Ayres had passed away the night before. He was surrounded by Laporte, his mother and his brothers when he died. He was 56 years old that year.

“Chris loves all of you,” Laporte wrote on Twitter. “The extent to which he loves others occupies most of our conversation. Thank you to those who truly love him, thank you. Thank you to those who keep in touch with him, check him, and remind him that he is so, so much.” It’s his job, and you are his motivation for fighting. You provide motivation for future dreams, allowing him to go further than any ordinary person. ”

Laporte said that if someone asks them if there is anything they can do at this moment, “please be more like Chris.” The cause of death was not announced.

The veteran voice actor disclosed the diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease he received in 2017. Regularly post information about it on Twitter And let fans know the latest developments.

Chris Ayres began to voice Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kay, replacing Linda Young. He has been a voice actor for Frieza and has won various awards for his performance as the iconic Dragon Ball Z villain. He has also dubbed characters in various other anime, TV shows and movies.

Game informant I would like to express my condolences to Ayers’ family and friends.