Broken Call of Duty: Warzone skin makes players invisible (again)

Call of Duty: Attention players in Warzone: There is currently an operator skin that can make the player almost completely invisible when using it. The skin in question is Francis’s Awakener equipment, which is unlocked at the highest level of the War Zone Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass.

Since the release of the Pacific Theater Update in mid-December, this error has obviously been present in the game, but as more and more players acquire skins through the game, reports of players using skins disappearing (intentionally or unintentionally) have skyrocketed in the past week. . Battle pass.Similar to Warzone’s past invisible skin problems, the Awoken error seems to be a level of detail error, which causes the character’s body to disappear automatically when it is about 35 meters away from you, as shown by the streamer. Benny Center.