Bugsnax and Bigsnax launch Game Pass for Switch and Xbox later this month

PlayStation’s exclusive Young Horses console, the Bugsnax, is coming to Switch and Xbox consoles on April 28.

Previously released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store in 2020, Bugsnax and its upcoming DLC, Island of Bigsnax, we think will be a great time following the recent preview of Xbox Game Pass on Xbox and The same day it was released on Switch. However, if you don’t have Xbox Game Pass, or want to play it on Switch, you can grab Bugsnax on launch day for $24.99, a 20% discount. Additionally, on all platforms, additional trophies and achievements have been added to the game as part of the Bigsnax DLC.

For the uninitiated, Bugsnax is a mystery quest game with Pokemon Snap-like elements that lets you catch unique bugs that look like edible treats in a variety of ways. It has great voice acting, one of the most catchy theme songs in the game, and more. According to Young Horses, the Bigsnax Island event includes “3 to 4 hours of new story content, in which Yuri Lowenthal, Casey Mongillo, Debra Wilson and Haviland Stillwell return to voice their respective complaints – as well as new exciting Bugsnax and Mysteries discovery.”

On top of that, Young Horses says new mail missions have been added to the base Bugsnax Island, along with new hats to buy and your own cabin to decorate and call home. To celebrate the release, iam8bit has revealed that it will soon release an “oversized two-disc LP” vinyl featuring 25 tracks from Seth Parker’s Bugsnax score.

Basic Bugsnax activities take about seven hours to complete, Young Horses said. Combine that with Bigsnax, and when it finally hits those platforms on April 28, you’ll be consuming nearly a dozen hours of Bugsnax content on Switch and Xbox consoles.

At the same time, read game whistleblower Bugsnax Review and see our thoughts on the Bigsnax DLC, getting a hands-on preview of it recently.

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