Bugsnax free update Bigsnax island will be launched next year

A first-person adventure game developed by Young Horses Pests It will be expanded next year and is called Bigsnax Island.

If you are not familiar with Bugsnax, you can play as an investigative reporter and explore Snaktooth Island.

The island is home to the legendary half-worm and half-snacks creature called Bugsnax. Your mission is to discover, hunt and capture all 100 creatures, while “tracking” and reuniting the residents of the island.

With the upcoming expansion, you need to master new mechanisms, such as Shrink Spice, which can cut giant Bugsnax into captureable sizes. Chandlo, Floofty, Triffany and Shelda will join you in exploring the island, exploring its long forgotten history, and you will hear more of their personal stories.

In Snarksburg, you will find that you have your own cottage. If you accept the challenge shown in the mailbox, you will get furniture and accessories to customize your living space. These challenges have brought some changes to the gameplay and will “change the way you explore and capture.”

You will also capture rare Bughats so you can dress up your favorite Bugsnax.

The following is a recap of what happens when the free content drops: a new biome, a dozen new Bugsnax, more than 100 challenges and 30 tasks, nearly 200 decorations to collect, return to the actors’ more dialogue .

If you are a returning player, you can start playing Bigsnax Island by loading the completed save, which will bring you back to Snaxburg. For new players, this content will be displayed organically when you play the game.