Bugsnax Studio Young Horses switched to a four-day work week

Aksios Report That Pests Developer Young Horses changed to work four days a week in July. The eight-person team adjusted the work process to adapt to the 32-hour working system of 4 days a week to cope with the need for overtime and help the team stay healthy.

Phil Tibitoski, co-founder and president of Young Horses, explained: “Instead of letting others do their own things at work, it’s better to make people feel at ease that they can relax and do their own things in their own time.” “We know what we have to accomplish. And when it will be completed, or we completely set our own timetable and complete the task when it is completed.”

Crunch has always been an ongoing issue in game development, and people realize that this practice can be traced back to the EA Spouse era. This is still a big problem in the game industry, and many big-name studios see themselves as an inevitable reality of game development. Tibitoski admits that Young Horses was able to implement these changes because it is a smaller studio: “It’s easier for us to implement, because it’s easier to measure the output of our small teams compared to larger studios, so we The trial period and decision-production is faster than a studio that has to get support from so many departments and investors.” Nevertheless, many well-known developers are opposed to austerity, including larger studios.

Although its four-day-a-week policy was only recently implemented, Young Horses already had a 35-hour work week before its implementation. This did not seem to affect the studio’s output of cool, weird and heartfelt games. .

Bugsnax is now available for PS5, PS4 and PC.