Bungie and Nerf built a real Gjallarhorn with foam Wolfpack bullets

As part of the 30th anniversary celebration, the gilded rocket launcher Gjallarhorn brought back by Bungie also appeared elsewhere: the playground. The studio collaborated with foam-based weapons manufacturer Nerf to create legendary exotic one-on-one replicas.

The real Gjallarhorn is 4 feet long, has a game-inspired crack loading mechanism, and can fire three darts from a cannonball at once-this is obviously Nerf’s first time. It also possesses a luminous range and reloads in the way it is in destiny.

(Photo credit: Nerf / Bungie)

There are several compromises: first, it is not deadly; second, according to the Nerf brand logo, the gun’s iconic golden appearance has turned orange.This will be Can be booked The first is those who won Gjallarhorn in the game before August 1, 2022. If you are such a person, please look forward to receiving notifications via email when your Early Access period begins at the end of next year. Please note that you still need to pay 160 USD or 171 Euro to get a gun.