Bungie, I beg you again for more Destiny 2 Vault space

This season I spent a lot of time on these (except for the side arms). (Image source: Bungie)

The real end of Destiny 2 is not sweating in Grandmaster Nightfalls, nor is it trying to avoid Shatterdived in an existential crisis while playing Osiris Trials. The real challenge is to find out which of your God Rolling Adept weapons you want to delete, in order to preserve the shrinking corners of the free vault space you are using.

Quick View Destiny Item Manager, Excellent third-party application, without it, our inventory will disappear completely Unable to manage, it shows that I currently have 489/500 slots full. Reader, let me tell you that by my standards, this is relatively spacious.Anything over 490 I start to panic, because it means another round of Sophie’s Choice when I work hard to study the weapon to cheer up Light.gg In order to decide which of my treasures to delete.

Now, non-Destiny 2 players are likely to think: “Why you may need more than 500 weapons, which is enough to launch an effective coup in many countries”. There are many reasons, but the most important thing is that weapons no longer expire. During a relatively short and extremely unpopular period, Bungie tried “sunset” weapons, which involved giving them a shelf life, after which they would no longer be able to inject maximum power, so they could not actually be used in advanced content.

Gaze, you are powerful, the number of fake guns accumulated in me. (Image source: Bungie)

Rolling back to the sunset is the right decision, because it is stifling the motivation to pursue the perfect combination. Players just don’t want to invest so much time in honing guns that they know will not exist forever. However, the problem that the sunsetting aims to solve has not disappeared.